By: Evan Jankens

Calvin Johnson, a.k.a ‘Megatron,’ might be the most humble professional athlete I have ever been around. Johnson has a deal with Nike and Hasboro and when asked about his new shoes and action figure that are coming out his response was… “Ha, I don’t know, you all know better than me.”

That is what you get out of the best player at his position when you try to get him to talk about himself.

Johnson did talk about the exclusive package that is coming out though, “They coming with a little package or something like that, yea, it’s gonna be cool, it’s a cool little deal I think kids will like it and everyone will really like it, it’s cool shoes plus you get a little toy.”

The only question we wanted to know is — What’s with the purple? Seems like everything Megatron does features that color. “It’s the original color scheme for Megatron,” Johnson explained.

Whatever color it is, teammate Nick Fairley said having players from other teams wear your gear is the ultimate compliment.

“I was watching ESPN one time and I saw that someone had his shoes on and I thought ‘Those are CJ’s,'” Fairley said. “To him, it’s probably nothing, but to a guy like me, when I look at it I think ‘Wow, I’m in a locker room with a guy who has his own shoes.”

Because a limited number of packages are being produced, tension may arise in the Lions’ locker room if some of Johnson’s teammates get left without a pair.

“If I don’t get a pair, Calvin and I are going to have a problem,” Fairley joked. “We’re going to have a problem in this locker room.”

Fellow receiver Kevin Ogletree will be in line for the package, but also questioned the color scheme.

“I want my pair before they drop,” Ogletree chuckled. “I don’t know if purple is his favorite color, or (it could be that) purple means royalty.”

Receiver Jeremy Ross said he thinks that Johnson’s rise to dominance in the league correlated perfectly with the release of the Transformers films.

“I think he’s just a unique player. Even playing off the Megatron thing, it was great timing that the movie came out and him being as big as he is.”

97.1 The Ticket’s Jamie Samuelsen asked Calvin if his dream was to be an action figure. The answer? “Never thought that would happen.”

Growing up, I know Deion Sanders had his own signature shoe from Nike, but never did the shoe itself have his number or name on it. Bo Jackson had a Nike line that featured his number on the back. Ndamukong Suh is a Nike athlete that doesn’t have his own signature shoe. I have been trying to think if Nike has ever backed a NFL player like this and I just can’t come up with one. If you can let me know in the comments below or shoot me a Tweet.

Listen below to the entire interaction with Calvin Johnson and Jamie Samuelsen talk about the new Nike release:



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