Follow Tailgate Fan and host Jerry Miller as he braves the cold weather in the Motor City to sell some tailgate vehicles and challenges the Lions faithful to an eating competition called the “Human Turkey.”

Watch the video: Tailgate Fan: Detroit Lions

Tailgate Fan: Detroit Lions

They stopped by the 97. 1 The Ticket tent and did some “Turn Back The Clock Trivia” with The Ticket ChicksThe Detroit Lions haven’t won a division title since 1993 and following the theme the questions were related to that year. It’s safe to say that the category is out of Becka and Ashley’s wheelhouse, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out who won.

The crew put together an inspired segment during the visit called “Tommy Trus Terrific Tailgate Truck Turnaround”. Miller played Tommy Trus, a used car salesman touting his satisfied customers and the outstanding features of the tailgate vehicles — some of which include a second-grader quality paintjob, shotski, stripper pole, bulletproof plating and a hot tub.

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