Protesters Target Walmart Store Demanding Raise In Minimum Wage

STERLING HEIGHTS (WWJ) – Across the nation Friday, protesters came out in support of increasing the minimum wage and they chose Walmart stores as their target.

In Macomb County, a loud rally was held outside the retailer’s Sterling Heights location.

WWJ’s Pat Sweeting spoke with local Market Manager Bernie Dave. He says wages vary according to shift, location and competition within the market.

“It’s over minimum wage … entry-level is over minimum wage and then based on experience there are obviously different pay scales and different pay rates,” Dave said.

Minimum Wage Wal Mart Protest (5) PSweetingProtesters charge the majority of Walmart employees earn minimum wage; taking home less than $25,000 a year.

After handing-over a petition bearing hundreds of signatures, protesters continued their rally shouting “D-15.”

Ricardo Jackson of the service Employees International Union explains: “We are fighting for the rightful benefits that we deserve … Fifteen dollars an hour, and a union and we want if now … and we’re going to keep fighting till we break their backs and get what we deserve,” he said.

Walmart denies claims there will be a new hiring drive which will offer associates the opportunity for advancement.

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