DEARBORN (WWJ) – Black Friday may be losing some of its luster to Thanksgiving Day openings as a kick-off to the holiday shopping season. Black Friday sales were 13 percent lower than last year while combined sales over the two days were 2.3 percent better than 2012.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher spoke with Fairlane Town Center’s General Manager Catherine O’Malley about the holiday shopping rush.

“We look at Friday, Saturday , Sunday, Monday and ,yes, it’s switched some – but we had more families on Thanksgiving day than we’ve seen in a long time. Friday was a lot of families but more single people shopping on their own … And more self-shopping,” said O’Malley.

Will that trend continue … opening on Thanksgiving?

“I think that we are not going to take a step back, I think it’s going to be one of those events that families see an opportunity to shop together,” said O’Malley. ” So we are always open to what is the demand.

O’Malley says hot sellers have been electronics, computers, & sweaters.

She expects a shopping lull this week and then people will realize time is running out before Christmas, so they’ll start shopping again.


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