TROY (WWJ) – Can smoking marijuana give guys “man boobs”? It sounds kind of out there, but one metro Detroit plastic surgeon says, maybe.

Dr. Anthony Youn, with Youn Plastic Surgery in Troy, says smoking pot can lower testosterone levels in men, which leads to an imbalance of that hormone and the hormone estrogen.

Youn told WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee that previous studies on animals and marijuana have confirmed falling testosterone levels, shrinking testicles and abnormalities in sperm.

“They found alterations in their estrogen and testosterone levels,” said Youn, “and when these estrogen and testosterone levels are altered in humans, we find that our breasts grow — and, hence, you can get man boobs.”

Although there haven’t yet been any conclusive scientific studies confirming it in human males, Youn believes it’s entirely plausible that smoking pot could lead to excess breast tissue development in men.

“It does appear that there may be a connection here,” Youn said, “and now with the more widespread legalization of marijuana, I think we’re really going to get an idea of whether marijuana really does cause it.”

The doctor’s advice?

You could get surgery, but if you’re concerned about man boobs, you should probably just refrain from smoking marijuana, Youn said.


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