Why Nate Burleson Un-Followed Jeff Riger On Twitter

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findticketsbtn Why Nate Burleson Un Followed Jeff Riger On Twitter
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findticketsbtn Why Nate Burleson Un Followed Jeff Riger On Twitter

By: Jeff Riger

It was a good day!

A couple weeks ago, I was checking out twitter as usual and noticed that I had some new interactions. As soon as I opened up the notifications, I realized that I had myself a famous follower. Who would have thought that Nathaniel E. Burleson was following me, and the account even had the blue check mark, so I knew it was legit. I’m not going to lie, I was thrilled! I don’t have very many famous followers, so for Burleson to be on board with @riger1984 made my day.

Fast forward a couple of weeks…

After the Lions got done losing their second in a row, that ugly game to Tampa Bay at Ford field, I didn’t hesitate to jump to twitter to tweet my favorite three letters during Lions football season; SOL.

“I guess SOL is not dead” I tweeted. “What an awful loss. Lions fans have to be asking themselves why bother? But nobody should be surprised by this”

After the above tweet and many other similar ones, I noticed that I had fewer followers. Yes, I guess I am that vain!

I immediately started to wonder if Burleson dropped me, did he kick me to the curb? In a panic, I quickly went to Nate’s account and realized that I was out, he must have been offended by my “Same Ole’ Lions” tweets.

I was crushed! Ok, not really, but it makes for a better story.

So I decided to get to the bottom of it. Did Burleson really un-follow me because I made some negative Lions tweets?

Check out the video to find out the answer.

If I do say so myself, it really is a brilliant piece of investigative reporting…

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