DETROIT (CBS Detroit) OK, so no one thought the Lions did a great job on Monday night football. But are they really “dirty,” “stupid” and “laugh out loud.”

A writer from the Chicago Tribune, notably home of the Bears, threw another firecracker at Detroit this week with a column that managed to insult the team and its players with superlatives rarely seen outside the WWF ring.

“They’re dirty and stupid, and now they’re in third place. The laugh-out-loud Lions were must-see TV. Again.

Calvin Johnson dropped passes. Matthew Stafford made horrible throws. The Lions were unprepared to win the biggest game of their season at home. Your work here is done, Jim Schwartz.

Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker booted a 61-yard field goal in the final minute to give the Ravens the lead Monday night. Stafford threw an interception on the next play to give the Ravens the win. So Lions.

Turnovers. Penalties. December gagging. Who would’ve guessed the Lions would devolve into that?

Besides everyone, I mean.

‘You can’t trust the Detroit Lions because of games like this,’’ ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said. “It was all there for them, and they threw up on themselves.’’’

It’s true Detroit fans were underwhelmed to say the least with the team’s recent performance. But doesn’t still hurt when out-of-towners start throwing stones? Is it motivational, infuriating or is it just something you agree with?


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