DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) – Sunday was a tough day all-around for Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.

First, his team lost to the ailing N.Y. Giants at Ford Field; a must win game for the Lions to have a shot at a playoff berth in the postseason. That opportunity was lost in OT! To cap the loss – Schwartz is now in the hot-seat over alleged comments aimed at booing fans in the stands. And we haven’t even touched on the firestorm of comments calling for Schwartz to be fired after this loss.

In question is whether the head coach dropped some less than impressive four-letter words in the direction of fans – who started booing when Schwartz decided to go for a tie game in the final minutes of the game rather than going for the win.

At a Monday afternoon press conference Schwartz addressed the subject: “Well, first of all I don’t think anybody is going to hear me if I say …(mumbling) why are they booing us right here? But that being said, the same thing happened when we had the ball back – I can’t remember what yard it was on, but we had four seconds in the second quarter and we took a knee and there were a lot of people booing – I mean – they pay money they want to see football, they want to see us throw a deep ball.”

“It was more just directed at just … just saying, it wasn’t, I didn’t grab the … microphone and make a crowd announcement,” said Schwartz.

“We didn’t make the playoffs and I think that … that’s obviously anyone’s goal when they go in – we didn’t achieve that goal – I don’t know if I’d be as strong as to call it a failure.”

While the Fansided site shows a timeline of tweets and short video of Jim Schwartz turning away from the field and appearing to drop the f-bomb in the direction of the crowd.

There is no audio but you can read lips.


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