Suffering From Nomophobia? Maybe You’re Just A Phubber!

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File photo. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

File photo. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

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DETROIT (WWJ) – From poor posture to mental distress, experts say our addiction to technology is responsible for a laundry list of mental and physical ailments you may have never even heard of.

Phubbing – for example – the act of snubbing a person in favor of your phone – could damage than just friendships notes WWJ Health Reporter Sean Lee.

British researchers say Phubbers often have impulse control problems.

They’re easily distracted, or seek the immediate reward of a quick text or Facebook post.

Researchers say these people are addicted to their phones, often have disrupted sleep, and are anxious when they’re not connected to it.

There’s a new term for that too – nomophobia.

Nomophobia is the anxiety phone users feel when they lose their device, run out of battery or don’t have a good signal.

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