By: Jeff Riger

There were many reasons to attend Tuesday’s Alumni game.  “The Russian Five, the Grind Line, Shanny, Ozzie, Dino, Nick” were all there but it was Steve Yzerman that was the biggest draw among so many great players and the crowd treated him that way.

“It was pretty neat” Yzerman said about the huge ovation he received when his name was announced to the Comerica Park crowd.  “I think we all as kids, envisioned ourselves walking out at Comerica Park or Tiger Stadium to the crowd in a Tigers uniform, not necessarily in a Red Wings uniform but that’s as close as I’ll get.  It was pretty cool.”

Yzerman admitted that he was really happy he decided to take part in the game.  “You know in the last month as we were ironing out my schedule, I thought, you know what, looks like I’ll be able to get there and play.  I didn’t have much or any time actually to skate before today so all in all I’m pleased with my performance.”

Nobody knew how exactly Yzerman would look on the ice considering he hasn’t played in a game since his last with the Wings in Edmonton in 2006 but he wasn’t making excuses.

“Well they (the fans) get no refunds, I did my best; we’ll put it that way” Yzerman joked.

So does Yzerman consider himself the biggest superstar in Detroit sports like so many of the fans do?

Check out the video to find out.


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