DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan State Police have recaptured an inmate who escaped custody late last year.

Department of Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan said 25-year-old Adrian Clay escaped by jumping out of a van on Dec. 28 when he was being transported with other prisoners from the Ryan Road Correctional Facility to do work at the nearby Detroit Detention Center on the city’s east side.

Clay had been serving seven years for carjacking and gun charges.

MSP Lieutenant Mike Shaw said it was good old-fashioned detective work that led them to the fugitive.

“They actually went out there and it was an investigation and a lot of man hours put in …,” Shaw said. “We’re not gonna give away all our secrets and tricks, obviously, because we don’t want the bad guys to know what they are, but it was a lot of hard work for that time period. We’d been looking for him from the time he escaped.”

Shaw said Clay was found in Detroit, but wouldn’t say much more.

“The reason that we’re actually not going to give a lot of details about it yet is we’re gonna interview him now, and find out where he’s been, see who’s helped him,” said Shaw. “If somebody’s helped him along the way, we’re going to look at charging them as well.”

“So we wanna kind of keep that close to the vest until we get it over to the prosecutor and they decide of we’re going to bring additional charges against some other folks,” he said.

Marlan said Clay only had a couple more months left to serve before he would have been released.




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