By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

I was recently asked if the Lions will get it right this time.  My response was “doubtful!”

What followed was typical…

“You’re just a hater!”

“You’re not even a real fan!”

“How will it feel when you have to admit that you’re wrong?”

I’ve never had to.

As the Lions continue to search for their new coach, the 13th of my lifetime, fans seem very confident that the correct candidate is out there.  From Jim Caldwell to Ken Whisenhunt, people seemed convinced that this coach will be the one to change the losing culture that is and has been Lions football.

And I hope it works, I really do.

But it won’t!  It hasn’t over the course of my life, yours and our parents, so why will this time be any different?

I believe the Lions could have already screwed up.  Jim Schwartz should have been fired after last season when he completely lost his team during an agonizing 8 game losing skid.  If Detroit had made the coaching change then, the team would have had their pick of some great candidates like Andy Reid, Mike McCoy and Chip Kelly, all of whom took their new teams to the playoffs in the first year.  McCoy’s Chargers are even still playing in the second round this weekend against the Bronco’s for a chance to go to the AFC Championship game.

But don’t worry about it Lions.  The same probably wouldn’t have happened here.  It never does.

Why should I believe that the next head coach through the doors will be the one that turns it around?

I can’t and you shouldn’t either.

To the Lions credit, they have truly tried.  They have brought in all sorts of different coaches there was the fan favorite, Steve Mariucci who went 15 and 28 before his baby blue eyes were sent to the unemployment line and then the NFL Network.  What about the disciplinarian, hard core Bobby “Boss” Ross who earned his own one-way bus ticket out of town and let’s not forget about Rod Marinelli who, with the help of his pick and axe made the Lions an international embarrassment!

There was Marty Mornhinweg who lasted just 2 seasons going 5 and 27 before eventually riding off into the sunset on his Harley.  And then there was Schwartz.  He was the smartest guy of them all, having went to Georgetown and he still seems pretty smart, as he was given $12 million to walk away after successfully leading the Lions to the worst collapse in franchise history.

None of them worked, hell none of them ever became a head coach in the NFL again.  Why will the next one be any different?

I don’t know why every coach fails.  I wish I did.

It just seems silly to me to get excited about a guy like, let’s just say Wisenhunt, who has all the credentials in the world and seems to be a perfect fit when in reality we all know in 3 years he too will be “Lionized” and out the door with a nice buyout courtesy of the Fords.

So stay positive!  Keep believing that the next guy will be the guy that finally does it.  I mean; it’s got to happen eventually?

Does it really?

I understand that this blog seems extremely negative and offers no real stats or reasons as to who should be the next coach.  But that’s ok because you know the candidates as well as I do.  Pick one; odds are that whoever he is, will be hated by Lions fans in 3 to 4 seasons.

I can’t give the Lions the benefit of the doubt on this one.  No way.  Instead they have to show me that they hired wisely and it would be wise if you adopt the same mentality.

Long live SOL!


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