By: Pat Caputo

1. Look. I can understand Jack Morris not getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. I voted for him. I don’t agree with the rationale of those who didn’t place him on their ballot. Yet, I can see their point. His ERA was high. His WAR was low. But Alan Trammell at 20 percent? That’s absurd. He belongs. Period.

2. The trolling, grand standing and attempts at cyber bullying surrounding the balloting. Three ideal candidates were elected. The process did, for the most part, work. It’s not supposed to be easy to get in. It’s why it is a sacred honor.

3. People acting like the PED era didn’t happen. Yeah. It was unpleasant. Sure. It is in the past. however, it did happen and put a scarlet letter on the game. Acting like it didn’t. doesn’t make it go away.


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