EAST JORDAN (WWJ) – The 2014 Olympic games are less than a month away and a Michigan product will be taking the international stage for the festivities.

Nearly two years ago a woman bought a $13 skein of yarn from the 157-year-old Stonehedge Fiber mill in East Jordan Michigan.

(credit: Deb McDermott)

(credit: Deb McDermott)

“When she checked out, she mentioned she worked for a designer in New York City,” said mill owner Deb McDermott, “and she was gonna take it back to the offices because she thought it would be great in something.”

Her “Sheppard’s Wool” yarn is prized by knitters around the country for its softness and quality.

When, about two months later, a representative from Ralph Lauren’s office called to tell her Lauren wanted to use her yarn in the Olympic sweater and hat, McDermott says she was shocked.

“They wanted samples and color cards, and he’s giving me the address to send it to: Polo Ralph Lauren, Madison Avenue, New York, New York!”

The rep then went on to discuss  production with McDermott.

With in months, 3,000 pounds of wool was produced at the mill.

Since then, McDermott said, several people have come to the tiny wool shop tucked away in her picturesque farm to see the sweater.



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