DETROIT (WWJ) – You might spot something special in sky Tuesday night.

Mike Narlock, head of Astronomy at Cranbrook Institute of Science, says Jupiter is shining three times brighter than usual — and it won’t be hard to find.

“The moon is going to be very near to Jupiter. In fact, the moon and Jupiter will be the brightest things in our evening sky tonight,” said Narlock. “So, when you go outside and find the moon — and, generally, everyone can do that — the bright object near that will be Jupiter.”

Narlock explained that the planet just went through something called “opposition.”

“And, what that means is Jupiter is on the opposite side of the sky from the sun,” Narlock said. “So, that also means it’s at its closest point to us, to planet Earth, this year — so it’s going to appear a little bit brighter and a little bit bigger than it normally would.”

With the help of a powerful telescope, he said, you should be able to spot Jupiter’s dark bands.

“You might also be lucky enough to see ‘the great red spot,’ which is a great big storm that’s been on Jupiter’s surface for about three-four hundred years,” Narlock  said.


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