By Ashley Dunkak

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – Major League Baseball, its players and its umpires have agreed on expanded instant replay starting in the 2014 season, and Detroit Tigers ace Max Scherzer is on board.

Under the new system, managers will get at least one challenge and can earn another challenge if the first call they question gets overturned. When a manager has no more challenges and starting in the seventh inning, umpires can call for instant replay. Just like last season, home runs and other boundary calls can be reviewed, but so can most tag plays, force plays, batters hit by a pitch, and more.

Stadiums are also now permitted to show all replays, even controversial ones, whether they are under review or not.

The only concern some players have raised about the new system is that it might mean managers will not get after the umpires like they have in so many famous tirades over the years.

During the 2013 season, Tigers right fielder Torii Hunter expressed similar sentiments.

“I hope not because that’s boring!” Hunter said in August. “That is so boring. I hope not because the arguments of Lou Piniella and all those guys, that’s what I want to see … I can only imagine the fans. They come and they see the arguments and they see guys kicking dirt and going crazy. That’s awesome, man. That’s baseball. Hopefully that doesn’t change.“He’s defending us,” Hunter added. “At the end of the day, he wants his troops to be on his side. When he goes out there and argues, he’s doing that, fighting for us, the respect for him goes to another level. I appreciate him doing that.”

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