Next week more than 150 Strategic Staffing Solutions team members from our branches outside Detroit will descend on our city to attend the S3 annual meeting. They join the 50-plus people who work in our office here.

It’s a time when our global team gets together to discuss strategy and action plans. It’s also a great time to show those coming in from Lithuania, Latvia and the United Kingdom, as well as those attending from every corner of the United States, the progress Detroit has made. They will be very impressed.

While our ultimate goal is to move S3 forward, our underlying objective is to show them what Detroit has to offer, and that it is also a great place to live, work and play.

Our Detroit team has the tools. S3 has been in this city since it was founded in 1990. We know the cool places to go and we’ll take them there on off-work times. I’ve lived downtown for 27 years and share my own special places. Each year we also provide our visitors with a list of places and a map so they can explore on their own and People Mover passes to do it.

We’ve held every one of our annual meetings in Detroit since we were founded in 1990 and that will not change. This is our home, our headquarters. We are very proud to be part of the Detroit business community and pleased that we have the financial ability to contribute to the community.

More importantly for the city as a whole, I am very proud of the progress Detroit has made and the headway I see on the horizon. I am more than proud to share that with our global team and always encourage them to tell their friends and family back home how our city is transforming. As we all know Detroit’s real reputation is built on how people feel about our city and what they see when they visit.

As chair of the Downtown Detroit Partnership, I am pleased with our progress, but I want to see more, and see it quickly. There is still much work to do, not just downtown, but across all of our beloved 139 square miles. Detroit is a mosaic of neighborhoods made up of dedicated people. We all need each other and we all need to work together.

I hope when the S3 team comes back for our annual meeting in 2015 more blight will be removed, the M-1 RAIL will be much closer to completion, there will be more retail downtown, the new Red Wings entertainment district will be underway, Capital Park will be finished and, crucially, there will be more done to improve our neighborhoods.

I will be more than pleased to show them all we’ve done. It is a great team and their commitment to Strategic Staffing Solutions and our core business around the world is why I can spend time, resources and energy on Detroit’s transformation.

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