MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – The Macomb County Sheriff’s office has released the 911 tape from the shooting involving UAW Vice President, General Holiefield.

On the tape someone from Holiefield’s Harrison Township home called 911 to get help reports WWJ Newsradio 950’s Stephanie Davis., after Holiefield accidentally shot his wife while he was cleaning his gun.

911 Operator: “What’s going on.”

Caller: “Ah, well, actually we were cleaning guns and the gun fired and, ah, hit somebody.”

911 Operator: “Where did he get hit?”

Caller: “On the side.”

911 Operator: “Where did he get hit at?”

Caller: “She got hit on the side. I’m not sure I didn’t see the wound.”

911 Operator: Where was she hit?’

Caller: “It’s the lower back, the lower back.”

911 Operator: “Lower back? Is she bleeding bad?

Caller: “No, he said no.”

911 Operator: “Get some bandages…

911 Operator: “Is she okay … is she awake?”

911 Operator: “What is she doing now?”

Caller: “Oh, she’s laying on the floor.”

911 Operator: “So, she’s … What kind of gun was it?”

Caller: “Yeah, it was a .45 …”

Investigators concluded that the shooting was accidental.

Holiefield pled no contest to a “reckless use of a firearm” charge, a misdemeanor. And his attorney says his client recognizes there was negligence involved.

His wife, well-known professional photographer, Monica Morgan is recovering. She appeared in court with him.


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