By Sean Lee, WWJ Health Reporter

It’s a wardrobe staple for many women, but there’s a warning out about a very popular kind of underwear.

There are many women who wouldn’t dream of getting dressed without their Spanx, or other control underwear — but some experts say it may do more harm than good.

They say these undergarments can crush the stomach, intestines and colon and cause heartburn, stomach pain, and incontinence. Over time, doctors say, Spanx can even cause esophageal cancer.

Control garments can also cause numbness and leg pain, poor circulation, blood clots, varicose veins and swollen ankles if they’re too tight, and wearing them can trap moisture and cause skin infections.

While those warning sound pretty dire, doctors admit you shouldn’t have a problem if you only break out the shapewear for special occasions. They recommend you don’t wear it every day or sit in it for long periods.


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