DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit Police Chief James Craig says City Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry, Jr., appears to have gotten “special treatment” when police pulled him over earlier this month.

Cushingberry said he’d been pulled over for “driving while black.”

Chief Craig said the six officers that responded to the scene did act properly and follow procedure. Craig said, however, that a sergeant is facing disciplinary action for failing to inform his supervisors of the incident.

“We determined that the sergeant failed to conduct a through assessment of the incident and gather all the facts,” Craig added.

According to police reports, Cushingberry stopped his vehicle after being pulled over, but then attempted to start it again. At that point, an officer reached into the vehicle, grabbed the keys, and noticed a strong smell of marijuana.

Officers also spotted a half cup of alcohol, and an empty rum bottle in the backseat. “We do know, based on the officers’ statements, the councilman was uncooperative during that encounter,” said Craig. “He did mention his status as a council person by showing his ID, no driver’s license was shown.”

As for the weed in the car, Cushingberry said his passenger has a medical marijuana card. The liquor bottle, he said, was old.

Craig says we will never know if Cushingberry, who had just left the Penthouse Lounge, was under the influence because he was not given a sobriety test.

He’s not facing any charges.

Some members from District 2, which Cushingberry represents, will be holding a meeting Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the office building on Schaefer near 7 Mile Road.

MORE: Craig Orders Probe After Councilman Let Off Despite Alleged Open Intox, Pot In Car


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