DETROIT (CBS 62) – People are still talking about the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” Commercial that aired in the 2012 Super Bowl, featuring Detroit artist Eminem. In fact, folks here might even remember pieces of that commercial more vividly than they can recall highlights of the game itself.


That commercial put a national spotlight on what Detroiters already know – our city is pretty incredible. We’re resilient and hard-working, radiant and passionate.

This weekend, Detroit will be receiving some national attention in yet another marquee event. When you’re watching The Grammy Awards, Sunday night on CBS 62, pay close attention to the commercials. Red Bull will be running a spot – on a national level – showcasing their “Red Bull House of Art,” located right here in the heart of Detroit.

What is the Red Bull House of Art, you ask? It’s a creative community – and gallery – located at 1551 Winder in Eastern Market. Eight promising artists are selected for three-month residencies, where they can let their creative juices flow, thriving on artistic energy and enjoying their own individual studio cubes. At the conclusion of each cycle is an unveiling – including artwork from each artist – and following that, the artwork is displayed in the Red Bull House of Art gallery, open to the public each Saturday.

CBS 62 spoke to a representative of Red Bull, and she said of Detroit, “We couldn’t have picked a better place to open an art gallery.”

The TV spot you’ll see this Sunday is a :30 featurette on Tylonn J. Sawyer – an EMU grad, who lives and works in Detroit…and an artist that was part of the May 2013 cycle at the Red Bull House of Art.

Following his residency, Tylonn created a series of oil paintings, entitled “Faces of Detroit.” What’s even cooler? The faces that you’ll see in this commercial spot…these people (all Detroiters!) were the very subjects of Tylonn’s paintings. Two faces we recognized here were Jason Hall (co-founder of Detroit Bike City) and Joe Gall (photographer for Red Bull’s Content Pool and renowned Detroit photog –  you’ve probably seen his incredible concert photography).

Disclaimer: Joe’s is the only face in the spot that Tylonn hasn’t painted…at least…not yet!

Here’s an extended, long-form version of Red Bull’s House of Art featurette:

(an abridged, :30 version will air this Sunday)

Awesome, right? We think so, too. According to our source, there were videos produced in five different regions across the nation (including Detroit, Los Angeles, and New Orleans). Despite an original “online-only” media plan, after viewing the videos from each region, the team at Red Bull’s Austrian headquarters said of Detroit’s spot, “We’re putting it on TV…and we’re going national!”

This Sunday, when you’re tuning into the Grammy Awards on CBS 62, enjoy the show…and enjoy the commercials!

The Red Bull House of Art has had 48 talented residents so far – mark your calendars for the next gallery unveiling, scheduled for April 11th, 2014.

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards air on CBS 62, Sunday night at 8pm


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