By: Jamie Samuelsen

It’s one week until Super Bowl XLVIII (which raises the question – will they ever drop the whole roman numerals charade?). And while America struggles over whether or not they think that the Broncos offense will overwhelm, the Seahawks defense (Answer – it won’t), the casinos and betting sites are wasting no time in getting more people involved in the action in more ways. Yes, it’s time once again for the Super Bowl prop bets. It’s the easy way for you to wager your hard-earned money on which team will win the coin toss and just how long the National Anthem will run.

Thanks to our friends at, we’ve gotten a sneak preview of some of the more interesting bets that are out there. I’ll list off a few of them and then give you my take on which side you should put your money.

Will it snow during the game?       

Yes                  +300     (3/1)

No                    -500     (1/5)

You have to go with the snow. First of all, even if a single, solitary flake blows through the air, Fox will have twelve cameras trained on it. You guys know from living in Michigan that it can be perfectly sunny and clear and then all of a sudden a gust of wind brings some squall into your backyard. That’s the deal here. Plus, even if there’s not a hint of snow in the air, Roger Goodell will order some man-made flakes just to push the narrative of the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl in a million years.

How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the US National Anthem?       

Over 2 minutes 30 seconds                    EVEN   (1/1)

Under 2 minutes 30 seconds                  -140      (5/7)

I think I speak for football fans everywhere when I ask this simple question – who is Renee Fleming? Why can’t a real artist like KE$HA sing the anthem? (Ed. note – She’s an opera singer. She’s 1,000,000 times better than KE$HA. Take the over.)

How many times will Eli Manning be shown on TV during the game?       

Over/Under                   3 ½

This may be the lock of the day. Take the over. Eli has won this thing twice, Peyton’s won it once. It’s Eli’s HOME STADIUM. And anytime they show Archie, Eli will probably be right next to him. Plus, if the Broncos are losing and Peyton is staring at the reality of winning fewer Super Bowls than his younger, inferior brother. Let’s just say that he may get more face time than Erin Andrews.

Will the announcers refer to Russell Wilson being drafted in the MLB?      

Yes                  +150     (3/2)

No                    -200     (1/2)

This is an interesting one. I say yes only because Joe Buck loves to weave this stuff in. And if Wilson picks up a bad snap or slides for a first down, it would be a gaping opening for Buck to drop in a baseball reference. If this game were on CBS and Jim Nantz were calling the action, this would be a guarantee. But I still like the chances with Joe Buck.

Will the announcers say the word “Marijuana” during the game?   

Yes                  +550     (11/2)

No                    -900     (1/9)

Ha. Good one. They could have made the odds 1000000/1 and I wouldn’t take that bet. If either announcer mentioned “marijuana”, the odds that Goodell would have them replaced immediately would be about 1/1.

Who will Barack Obama pick to win the game?      

Seattle Seahawks                      -110

Denver Broncos                        -110

Easy. He’s taking the Broncos. Two reasons. First, Colorado is a battleground state, Washington isn’t. Second, taking Manning is the sentimental pick and the President will go with the masses on this one.

Will Richard Sherman be interviewed on field after the game on the live FOX broadcast?      

Yes                  -110

No                    -110

This HAS to happen. If Seattle loses, there is clearly no chance. But I’m taking the Seahawks, so I’m taking the Sherman-Andrews repeat performance here. He knows that interview made him a nationally known name (beyond football fans). And given the audience size and the impact of the game, he’ll make a return engagement.

Total Completions – Peyton Manning (DEN)     

Over/Under                               26 ½

Anyone else watched the Seahawks defense this year? Anyone else noticed that it might be cold, windy and snowy on Super Sunday. Manning may be the greatest quarterback ever, but there is no way he’s completing over 26 ½ passes. Lock it.

So there you go. Just a few appetizers for the week and weekend ahead. You all fill out the Super Bowl squares. But you have NO control over those bets. Take some action on the props and enjoy Super Sunday that much more.


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