DETROIT (WWJ) – A few weeks ago at his Inaugural Address, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan urged those thinking of moving out of the city to “give him six months” to change their mind.

“The assessments in this town have been a source of great anger for Detroiters,” said Duggan. “In the worst case they have forced people from their homes.”

Duggan says that he doesn’t think that many of these assessments are fair and expects to see a cut in property taxes for many in the city.

The mayor announced a planned property tax cut for Detroit homeowners. Duggan says the realignment of property tax assessment in the city is “long overdue” — and necessary to make Detroit more appealing to residents.

“We are announcing that the assessments for this coming year, the tax bills coming out in June and later in December are going to be reduced for the great majority of Detroiters by between five and 20 percent,” said Duggan.

The move is expected to reduce city revenue by about 13 percent.

Joining the mayor for the announcement was Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones: “The change is here, the change is here and I say to Detroit residents, ‘hold on.'”


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