Matt Stafford As Daft Punk In New Pepsi Commercial [VIDEO]

By: Evan Jankens

People may criticize Matthew Stafford on his throwing mechanics, some may harp on the guy for the way he wears his hat. One thing people can’t dog Stafford about is his sense of humor. Unless you get the guy who says “he needs to worry more about football than commercials.”

There’s always that guy.

But in this instance Stafford has another success when it comes to his acting/commercial career. This time it’s not Bridgestone or Monday Night Football commercial, but a cameo in a Pepsi spot that aired during the 56th Grammys last night.

Deion Sanders starts out the commercial as what seems to be the host of the show, introducing such acts as Terry Bradshaw and Shannon Sharpe. In what appears to be a parody of Grammy award-winning artists Daft Punk DJing they remove their helmets only to show Matthew Stafford is underneath the helmet.

He only appears for a few short seconds so don’t miss him. Go to the 1:40 mark in the clip to see Stafford.


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