By: Evan Jankens

Everyone loves a good streaker — except the network that is broadcasting said game. On Sunday, an attractive female ran onto the field during the 4th quarter of the Pro Bowl. Her name is Katrina Torres and she did the streaking for a really good cause, her cousin Gary, who was left paralyzed two years ago from a motorcycle accident and is unable to talk.

Torres, who had ‘I did it 4 Gary’ written on her back, was lucky enough to not get arrested as one of the Pro Bowl Captains, Deion Sanders, prevented it.

“Deion Sanders came running behind us and he’s like, ‘Hey don’t arrest her. That was really cool. Just don’t arrest her. If you arrest her, I’m gonna bail her right out,’” Torres said.

After watching the video, you see she ran onto the field for all the right reasons. Am I wrong to also notice Katrina is really hot? Does that make me insensitive? I think all streakers should look like Torres.


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