HOWELL (WWJ) – Groundhog Day is this Sunday. So will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow and doom us to six more weeks of winter?

Dick Grant of the Howell Nature Center says the whole event is not quite as ridiculous as it seems.

“When it’s cloudy outside, chances are it’s a little warmer indicating more of a low pressure system pumping up warmer air, which may indicate an earlier Spring so there is a little bit of science involved, not a lot, but a little bit,” said Grant.

In Howell, predictions will be made by Woody the Woodchuck. If she comes out to graze on her food within a minute…spring will soon be on the way. Grant says Woody is batting above Phil on the predictions…she’s been right 11 times out of 14.

“I don’t think so, I think, this winter of all winters, people are looking for something to hang their hat on and hopefully, Woody will come up and say it’s going to be an early Spring.

Woody the Woodchuck is set to make her annual Groundhog’s Day predication at the Howell Nature Center Sunday at 8:15am.

Woody is given a minute to come outside and graze on her food. If she doesn’t…it’s six more weeks of winter.


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