TROY (WWJ) — The Toggled LED lighting business unit of Troy-based Altair Engineering Inc. reported that it had earned 21 new patents in lighting technology in 2013.

Included were 15 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office and six more granted in other countries, including China, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Toggled now has 47 patents issued and more than 40 more pending.

The company said it will continue to invest in advances in the design, engineering and manufacturing of LED lighting.

Said Toggled president Dave Simon: “Businesses and consumers can look forward to many years of continued progress in what their lighting systems can deliver in terms of energy efficiency, controllability, cost effectiveness, and quality of light.”

Patents granted during 2013 included shock-resistant LED lighting, a direct AC-to-DC converter, circuitry, power control systems, LED-based lamps that replace fluorescent tubes, improving the safety of LED lighting, heat dissipation, light lensing, integration of LED lighting with building controls, and more.

Toggled said it had also developed a licensing program built around its patents to allow other companies to use its intellectual property to build advanced LED lighting. More at


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