DETROIT (97.1 THE TICKET) – Oh, what a difference a day makes!

On Saturday, a Texas furniture store owner must have thought he had the world by the … tail. He was confident enough in the Denver Broncos to offer a money back guarantee on the furniture he was selling if the Bronco lost in the Super Bowl.

Ouch, that little marketing decision cost him about $7 million. Ads for the Super Bowl ONLY cost around $8 million.

According to the Huff Post, store owner Jim McIngvale, who goes by the nickname “Mattress Mack,” may be out $7 million, but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

“The accountant is pulling his hair out this morning, but the customers are happy and that’s what’s most important,” McIngvale told ABC News.

McIngvale reportedly promised to provide any customer who spent more than $6,000 at Gallery Furniture by 5 p.m. Saturday with a refund if the Seahawks won. The reimbursements, which will be handed out during an event later this month, will average $7,000 per customer.

Did he get a deal? He’s certainly getting a lot of publicity!


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