By: Evan Jankens

Casual sports fans usually aren’t up after midnight on a Wednesday night to watch NBA basketball. Well I’m not a casual fan, I’m an NBA junkie.

That’s how I know last night could be the worst call in NBA/sports history. The game was between the Sacramento Kings and the Toronto Raptors. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know, why the heck was I watching this game? It was on NBA TV and it was close so why not?

Anyway, with the Raptors trailing by six and possession of the ball, NBA All-Star snub Kyle Lowry received the inbound pass and shot a clean three and seemed to be a foul, so and-one correct? Watch the video below to judge for yourself but pause the video after the shot goes in.

Now you have seen the shot go through the hoops and what looks to be a defensive foul… it was not. Kyle Lowry was called for an OFFENSIVE Foul. Crazy, I know. After Lowry realized he committed an offensive foul he ran in which he was called for a technical foul. After already having four fouls before the play began he now had six and fouled out.

Is this the worst call in sports history?

If you are thinking that the NBA stinks after watching the video then watch the highlights below of the Heat and Clippers game last night. It was a dunk fest!

Remember the NBA is FANtastic!


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