Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford most recently signed an extension with the Lions for three years and $53 million. That’s after a rookie deal of six years, which was worth $64 million with $27.2 million guaranteed.

Suffice it to say, the talk of the town has been that Matthew Stafford is overpaid and isn’t the right man for the Lions.

But at least one NFL player disagrees. Former All-American at Michigan and current Pittsburgh Steelers LB Larry Foote was a guest host on Karsch and Anderson Friday and thinks Stafford is actually underpaid.

“Let me jump back on this Matthew Stafford, Foote said, “cuz you guys are giving me some crap.”

“Would the Houston Texans right now give Matthew Stafford a raise to come down there? Yes, would Jacksonville Jaguars give him a pay raise to come down there? Yes. Would Cleveland Browns … make him the highest paid player. To get a quarterback in Cleveland they would overpay him. Minnesota? Yes.

Foote went on to defend his opinion, making what many listeners thought were some good points.

“There’s teams that would go crazy for Matthew Stafford like that,” he said, adding “His talent, Lions fans trust me, this man is legit, especially if you grew up in this town with the Mitchells, Peete and qbs in and out. Matthew Stafford is a stud — 5000 yards!

Do you think Stafford is over or underpaid?


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