DETROIT (WWJ) – The death of a 25-year-old man while in the custody of mall security, has family and friends asking whether Northland mall security act properly in it’s handling of an unruly patron?

The Coalition Against Police Brutality will speak to the Southfield city council, Monday evening, about changes it wants to see in how all security officers handle un-cooperative patrons, after the death of McKenzie Cochran, during an altercation with mall security.

Spokesman Ron Scott says the group wants to see standards in training for security officers and an oversight  committee at malls to review matters of public safety.

Southfield police said the incident happened Tuesday evening (January 28) at Northland Center on Greenfield and 8 Mile roads.

Security guards responded to the scene but Cochran was apparently “not cooperative.” The guards then pepper-sprayed and placed Cochran in handcuffs.When police arrived on the scene, they found McKenzie Cochran had a pulse but wasn’t breathing. Lt. Nick Loussia said Cochran, a Ferndale resident, was pronounced dead at a hospital about an hour after the confrontation began.

“We think that there needs to be standards and training. and, also, protocols in terms of the establishment of how security officials detain an individual who may be a problem in a large area like this,” said Scott.

“Hopefully, what will come out of this are charges which will be rendered about by the Oakland County Prosecutor against the individuals … who caused the death of Mr. Cochran because we think it was egregious, odious and despicable.”

Among the recommendations: standards in training for security officers.

Scott says he believes the Southfield Police department is being thorough in it’s investigation into the death of  Cochran.

The series of events that led to Cochran’s death actually began when he was asked to leave the mall after ”standing suspiciously” outside the LA Diamonds jewelry store. Cochran returned to the store on Tuesday, ”looking angry” through the showcase windows. The business owner apparently went to talk to Cochran and that’s when police say he threatened to kill someone.

Most of the incident was recorded on a cellphone camera.

Man Dies After Confrontation With Mall Security Guards

Family Of Man Who Died At Northland Center Mall To File Wrongful Death Suit


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