By Ashley Dunkak

CBS DETROIT – When Michigan plays No. 22 Ohio State on Tuesday, the Wolverines will be at the halfway mark of a grueling stretch of four straight games against Top 25 opponents. More intense, the matchup against the Buckeyes will be Michigan’s fourth game – and third road game – in 10 days, and head coach John Beilein is not happy about it.

Smiling despite evident frustration, Beilein opened up his media availability Monday by talking about the travel.

“We’re on the road again,” Beilein said. “This’ll be the third road game in 10 days, and we are going to be packed and ready to go in just a couple hours. It doesn’t get easier from being at Iowa to going to Columbus, so we’re going to be as ready as we can be right now. Our kids had a good film session yesterday, we walked through some stuff, now we’re going to practice. Same thing I’ve been telling you the last couple weeks – it is very hard to get better when you’re just preparing for a game, so we’re trying to do our best while we work at some of the areas that we’ve got to get better at.”

Michigan’s recent stretch has sufficiently aggravated Beilein that he is speaking with the league about it.

“I’m not a big fan of it, and I am addressing it,” Beilein said.

As far as how he would pursue the topic, the coach elaborated, “in probably the best ways possible, through the Big Ten.”

Beilein said he is continuing to have discussions with the league about Michigan’s schedule, which has made it difficult for the Wolverines to make any kind of changes because there is little time for practice with a goal of  improvement rather than practice based solely on preparation for the next opponent.

“What I’d really like to do is practice right now and try and get better,” Beilein said, “but at the same time, that is the schedule, and we’ve just got to go.”


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