DETROIT (WWJ) – Thousands of Americans give the gift of life every year — but does it put them at risk for health problems down the road?

Johns Hopkins researchers studied nearly 100,000 kidney donors and found there’s a small increased lifetime risk of developing end-stage renal disease after donating, compared with healthy non-donors.

But they say the risk is still much lower than that in the general population.

End stage renal disease means a person’s kidneys no longer function well enough for day-to-day life, and dialysis is required.

The study authors write that their findings should re-enforce the prevailing belief that lifetime risk of end stage kidney disease in live donors is no higher than in the general population, and should reassure people considering becoming donors.

Right now, approximately four thousand Michiganders are waiting for kidney transplants.

You can give the gift of life by becoming part of the state’s organ donor registry. For more information, visit this link.


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