By Zahra Huber

What are the most talked about stories of the day? WWJ Newsradio 950′s Zahra Huber takes a look at what’s trending.

Singer Taylor Swift is in the spotlight for her new haircut. Swift posted a photo through Instagram showing off her new hairstyle, which went from the middle of her back up to her chin.

And right before the haircut, Swift posted a video to show how many people were in the room to watch the whole thing happen.


This time it’s not pop star Miley Cyrus in the spotlight, but her father Billy Ray.

Billy Ray collaborated with Buck 22 and TV newsman Larry King for “Achy Breaky 2.” That by the way, is a remake of Cyrus’ 1992 smash, “Achy Breaky Heart.

The video involves UFO’s, semi-naked aliens, and some butt shaking. (It wouldn’t be a Cyrus video without it).  See the video here.


Can we say bitter?

Rapper Drake is attacking Rolling Stone for not giving him advance notice that it was dropping him from its cover for Philip Seymour Hoffman. According to TMZ, Drake’s photo shoot and interview was completed before Hoffman died on February 2nd. Sources close to Drake told TMZ the rapper feels like he was “tricked” because … “He only did the interview if he was going to be on the cover.”

No word on whether Drake will be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone in the future.


American Idol had its first openly gay contestant on the show, M.K.Nobilette. Gay contestants in the past never talked about their sexuality on camera. That includes former contestants Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert, who came out about their sexuality after the American Idol season was over. More.


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