By: Sara

Now that Jimmy Fallon has taken over the “Tonight Show” on NBC, he loading his first week with the best of the bits from his old gig. One thing the Fallon show did really well was to edit clips of newsmakers so that it sounded like a song or a rap. Their favorite victim/co-conspirator has been NBC anchor extraordinaire, Brian Williams. Fallon’s team has put together videos of Williams doing everything from Warren G’s “Regulate” to N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton”. This time Williams is spitting mad rhymes from “Rapper’s Delight” ( with special guest Lester Holt).

Another fan favorite on the Fallon show was a sketch Jimmy did with Justin Timberlake called “Hashtag”. The two showed just how ridiculous it would be if people spoke the way they tweeted. In “Hashtag 2” Fallon has recruited Jonah Hill. The best part comes at the end, with an oscar worthy cameo.


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