DETROIT (WWJ) – They want a re-vote! The UAW has filed an appeal with the National Labor Relations Board — saying political interference affected the outcome of a vote by workers at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee plant.

UAW President Bob King says there was a coordinated political effort to influence a ‘no’ vote.

“Whether it was the Koch brothers or it was Grover Norquist or it was Senator Corker, Governor Haslem, the leaders of the legislature; all make threats against voting ‘yes’ and promises if people voted ‘no,'”, said King.

Will a re-vote actually take place? WWJ Auto Analyst John McElroy weighs-in:

“I think it could… the union has a very favorable board, there is a preponderance of Democrats on it, I think that there is no question whatsoever that this vote attracted national attention – it did attract groups who were not based in Tennessee to come in and fight the union – I think the union has got a good chance at it,” said McElroy.

 Last week, workers voted narrowly to reject representation.

“What the union has said is that, outside groups, mainly Republicans, it says, really threatened workers; by saying that if they voted for the union,

Workers voted narrowly to reject representation. The NLRB will investigate the election conduct and determine whether there are grounds to set aside the election results.

A Volkswagen spokesman in Chattanooga declined to comment on the appeal.


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