MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – If you drive, most likely you have seen them — and may have even run into a few. Potholes have caused problems on many local roads. How bad is the problem?

So bad, that when a group of politicians gathered in Macomb County to talk about it — a motorist hit one and damaged the tire enough that it needed to be replaced, all while the cameras and microphones rolled.

Laura Davis was driving on Mound Road making her way into work when she hit a pothole – just minutes before a scheduled press conference with Mark Hackel and other lawmakers.

“I must have hit five potholes and the fifth one really got me,” she told WWJ’s Marie Osborne.

“The hole is about as big as my hand,” said Davis. “My hand could almost go into the hole (in the now damaged tire). These are all brand new tires too.”

Hackel helped change the woman’s tire and said the issue boils down to one thing.

“It’s about funding, if they get the funding they are going to fix the roads and deal with road maintenance. If they get the funding they’ll hire the personnel that they need to get out there and do the job. But right now the biggest problem we are having is funding for fixing the roads,” he said.

Hackley says the state has a cash surplus right now, and recommends using that to repair roads.

“The number one issue,” said Hackel. “Is fixing the roads … people want the roads fixed.”

He urged voters to contact Lansing to voice their concerns.

In January, Hackel urged drivers to call 911 when they came across a large, damaging pothole.

Hackel said nonhazardous potholes can be reported to the Macomb County Department of Roads at (586) 463-8671.

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