DETROIT (WWJ) – The maker of a popular personal fitness tracker is recalling one of its models in response to customer complaints.

Fitbit users have reported the Force wristband causes blisters, rashes and itchy dry patches.

The company believes the irritation is allergic contact dermatitis, potentially caused by one of the materials used in the device.

Now the CEO of the company says Fitbit will stop selling the Force wristband and recall the model, the latest in a series of personal fitness trackers.

“From the beginning, we have taken this matter very seriously. We hired independent labs and medical experts to conduct a thorough investigation,” James Park said in a statement.

The company says while fewer than two percent of Force users have reported experiencing a skin irritation, the company will no longer sell the Force and is conducting a voluntary recall. Fitbit is also offering a refund of the full retail price of $129.

Park promised Fitbit is already working on it next-generation tracker, and will announce news about it soon.

Get more details about the recall at this link, or call 888-656-6381 for more information. Customers can request a return kit here.


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