DETROIT (WWJ) – You may start seeing more police on the streets of Detroit because they’re working double duty.

WWJ’s Laura Bonnell tells us how business and cops are teaming up for official security.

Detroit police officers who faced recent pay cuts are thankful the department is supporting a secondary job program. Officers like Adam Maddara can work at area businesses and get paid to act as security — but they are dressed in uniform, with their city issued gun and patrol car.

“When we took our ten percent pay cut, every officer took a pay cut … it hurt them big, and a lot of people had to find a way to make up for that, this was just a tremendous way for me to make up for it,” said Maddara. “It saved my life.”

Officer Maddara says it’s a great opportunity but his wife doesn’t really like him working so many hours:

“Try and work it out so I’m working on my off days – that way I’m not working as many 16 hour days or 12 hour days, but you do what you have to do.”

The secondary job program started two years ago and Detroit police department officials are trying get even more businesses on board.

Sgt. Sonyia Russell runs the program: “What I try to do is – I try to meet with all my vendors – get an assessment of what their needs are and basically just build a plan based on what the plan is.”

Duncan Eady with Jefferson East Incorporated coordinates with the police department.

He says a business pays between $500 and $15,000 to hire an officer for a year and it’s paying off with a decline in crime.

Contact Sgt. Russell at  (313) 596 -2217 for more information.


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