LIVONIA (CBS Detroit) – Baseball caps may be worn, but only facing straight forward or straight back.

Metro Detroit’s newest Dave & Buster’s location, which opened to some fanfare in December, is announcing a detailed and extensive dress code that will be strictly enforced.

The restaurant and video game emporium, located on Victor Parkway near 7 Mile Road and I-275 in Livonia, will be the chain’s sixty-sixth store in the U.S.

The dress code will be enforced as follows:

– Baseball caps may be worn straight on the head. No tilting of the brim.

– No other hats or headgear of any kind — including, but not limited to: knit hats, stocking caps, do-rags, bandannas and scarves. (Exceptions may be made for religious garb).

– No sunglasses

– No excessively sagging pants or other sagging clothing

– No gang colors, symbols or gang-related attire of any kind

– No scarves or bandannas hanging out of pockets

– No clothing or jewelry featuring profane language, symbols or images

– No over-sized chains or pendants

– No bare midriffs

– No “daisy dukes,” ie: excessively short shorts. Equivalent skirts and dresses are also banned

– Those wearing torn or soiled clothing admitted at the manager’s discretion

An employee answering the phone said they planned to have a dress code all along, but at first weren’t enforcing it as they concentrated on their grand opening.

Why are such restrictions necessary? Referring to gang colors and attire, she explained, “They just don’t want that type of environment. There’s kids here.”

Age restrictions will also be enforced, going forward. Those under 18 can only enter with someone who is 25 years of age or older; and only six children are allowed per adult admitted.  Only those age 21 and up will be admitted from 10 p.m. to close, and a state ID or driver’s license is required for all adults. 

All firearms, both concealed and open-carry, are banned.

The dress code was announced Tuesday on the company’s Facebook page, but without any detail.  Drew Walls commented, “A dress code, seriously?” Although most others seemed OK with it.

“That’s good because some people ruin it for others when we bring our children in,” wrote Rick Clare.

“The dress code is like any bar,” said Sarah Ann Compton.

The complete dress code will be posted on site, and some of this information is available on the Dave & Buster’s website at this link. Customers with questions are asked to call 734-452-4600.


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