NOVI (WWJ) – This Winter has been rough on the roads, as potholes continue popping up. And road crews are working to fill thousands of the craters across Metro Detroit.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne took a ride with an Oakland County patching crew as they filled dozens of potholes along 12 Mile Road in Novi. The guys started the day, on Thursday, with four tons of patch and were nearly through that by early afternoon.

“I would say an average day, we’re laying anywhere from 6 to 8 tons,” says Scott Lyons with the Road Commission of Oakland County.

It’s a tough job standing in the middle of the open roadway or freeway with cars racing by, just inches away, as crews pour shovel after shovel of patching material into deep craters in the roadway.

“These are some of the biggest potholes I’ve ever seen,” says Lyons, who’s been with the Road Commission for 8 years, and adds, “This is one of the worst winters I’ve been around for potholes.”

WWJ's Marie Osborne talks with Oakland County pothole patching crew.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne talks with Oakland County pothole patching crew.

As for the guys in charge of patching up our streets, WWJ asked Lyons just how dangerous is the job?

“You know, it’s back-breaking, grueling work. You have to deal with the commuting public, you know, and keep your head up,” says Lyons.

And he hopes motorists keep an eye out for them as well. So how long will the patch-up last that was put down today?

“Hopefully a few days to a few weeks,” says Lyons, who adds, “It really is a temporary fix. Come springtime, when the asphalt plants fire up, we’ll get some hot mix in these holes.”

Scott says at that time they’ll be back out with a more permanent patch… until then they’ll keep working on the potholes 6 days a week.


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