By: Evan Jankens

Today it’s almost 50 degrees outside, which makes me feel like golfing. If there is one sport I will play until the day I cannot walk anymore — it will be golf. I love everything about the sport. I love the fact I can ride around on a golf cart, love the fact I can smoke cigarettes/cigars with no complaints from anyone, and I love the fun times with friends. What isn’t there to like about the game?

I personally feel anyone who doesn’t like golf just doesn’t like to have fun or hasn’t given the game an actual shot.

So today, in honor of all that, I am bringing you the best trick shot I have seen involving golf!

If I tried to do this shot 100 times, I am not confident I could pull it off.

If you are able to recreate this shot, let me know. Send me an email or tweet me and I would be more than happy to display it on

Do you think this is real? Doug Karsch just walked by my desk and he’s skeptical.


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