Would you buy a hat for $3,000?

If you answered “no,” would you change your mind if you found out the hat was worn by Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey in “Dallas Buyers Club”? The cowboy hat is signed by the actor in black marker, “Just Keep Living, Matthew McConaughey”. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from Universal Pictures.

More here.


“Let’s ban the word bossy!”

That’s the message in a Lifetime PSA as part of the new “Ban Bossy” campaign featuring powerful women like Jennifer Garner, Jane Lynch, Condoleezza Rice, and Beyonce.

The women are hoping to ban negative words like bossy that keep girls from becoming leaders.

Watch the entire video here.


Miss a wardrobe change? Perform in your underwear. That’s what singer Miley Cyrus did during a performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Cyrus missed the quick change and instead of causing a delay, she walked out in her bra and undies.

See more here.


Don’t expect to see any selfies from Jennifer Aniston.

The actress told “Self” magazine that she doesn’t feel the need to publish more photographs of herself. She added that she just doesn’t “understand selfies.”

Read more about her interview here.


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