LANSING (WWJ) – Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Rick Snyder have agreed on a new road funding plan.

The package involves $200 million to go to local cities and counties to fix potholes and roads.

“Lawmakers are getting an earful from motorists that are sick and tired of potholes,” Skubick said. “Now, we talked to the industry, and the road builders say, you know guys, thanks for the $200 million, but that’s not enough.”

Skubick said the plan is to send $100 million to the communities in the near future.  The other $100 million will go toward still-unidentified projects down the road.

A longterm solution for repairing Michigan’s busted roads is still in the works.

The appropriations committees were expected to meet on the new funding plan on Tuesday. This comes as Snyder and lawmakers have been debating what to do with the state’s $483 million budget surplus.


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