By: Evan Jankens

A former professional basketball player and member of the Basketball Hall of Fame who has one of the best nicknames of all-time — “The Mailman” — needs to realize it’s 2014.

Karl Malone, the former Jazz great, is still using a flip phone. The man has made millions in his NBA career, you would think he could spend a few bucks to get some type of smart phone.

Malone said if you keep something long enough it will come back in style, kinda like bell bottoms. First off, I don’t think bell bottoms are coming back anytime soon. The only other person I know who has a flip phone is my 58-year old mother. Poor lady had a smart phone and couldn’t figure it out.

Now I’m being told from someone who will remain nameless at 97.1 The Ticket that we should all go back to flip phones. Technology is taking over our lives, he says.

Would you ever switch back to a flip phone or do you still own one? Maybe you have a StarTAC you just can’t let go of.


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