Big Ten Tournament Selling Hot Dogs With Cheetos On Them

By: Evan Jankens

With baseball right around the corner, hot dog season is also very close. You can never go bad with a hot dog, whether they are hot, cold, warm. It doesn’t matter to me, I will dominate them. If you like ketchup, mustard, relish or even mayo on your dog, the combinations are endless and it looks as if the Big Ten is out to show that.

At the Big Ten tournament in Indianapolis this weekend, they are serving what are being called Big Ten Dawgs.

The Michigan-themed hot dog has bleu cheese coleslaw, bacon and golden mustard. I’m not a Michigan fan, have never and will never wear anything related to the school, but that wouldn’t stop me from eating this dog.

Michigan State’s dog is pepper jack cheese, jalapeno pickle relish and spicy mustard. It kills me, but I would eat the Michigan dog over the State one.

The dog that takes the cake for me is the Wisconsin dog which feature cheddar chesse sauce (amazing), pepper jack, provolone, CHEETOS and pepper relish. WOW, now that’s a dog!


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