By Zahra Huber

Many people in the Los Angeles area may have freaked out when the earthquake hit Monday morning, but not all of them were caught on camera doing so.

Early Monday, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit LA. There was no damage, but people in the area really felt it including the morning team at KTLA. And it’s quite entertaining.

Watch the video here.


Who gets kicked out of rehab?

Chris Brown does apparently.

The singer was thrown out of a rehab facility in Malibu for violating three rules. One of them involves a special rule made just for him: stay away at least two feet from women.

The rule was imposed on Brown because of the case involving his on-again off-again girlfriend Rihanna, whom he had beaten.

Find out how he violated that rule and the two others here.


This story is just plain sick.

Lady Gaga is the center of controversy after purposely being vomited on during her concert at the SXSW Festival in Austin. Fans and critics of the pop star are outraged and wondering if she was glorifying bulimia.

By the way, the woman who vomited on Lady Gaga was performance artist Millie Brown, who does this for a living, and calls it “art.”

Read more here.


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