Consultants Propose Raising Detroit Parking Fines, Pursuing Ticketed More Aggressively

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DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been a decade since the city of Detroit has raised its parking fines.

Now, experts looking at ways for the cash strapped city to raise money have suggested increasing fines … and going after parking deadbeats.

Currently the fines run between $20 and $100 for varying offenses.

Under consideration by restructuring experts is the creation of a two-tier system for parking fines: $45 and $150. The city may also consider tying unpaid parking tickets to obtaining a driver’s licence.

Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne spoke with Detroit residents who say: “Not so fast!”

“I think that if people are already struggling to pay then they are not likely to pay when the rates go up. It’s just going to be a big fiasco,” said one woman who identified herself as Thelis.

The city also faces another challenge: a large percentage of parking meters are broken.

“I live in the New Center area and every time I park the meters aren’t working – but then they ticket you for a meter that’s not working, I don’t understand that,” Thelis said.

But she tells WWJ that the meters are a real point of frustration for residents:

“And they run you out with the parking tickets and meters that don’t work.”

Another woman echoed the problem of non-working meters and the limited time that drivers have to fill a meter.

” … they only take a certain amount of change and you only get two hours … so I don’t think the plan is going to work … I don’t think they should raise the fines until they improve the service on the meters, like right now, if you want to have dinner at a restaurant here … you have to come out and feed the meter. Maybe I would be willing to pay for it if it were upgraded – maybe more like the ones in Ferndale,” she said.

WWJ’s Osborne put the finishing note on the story … noticing that the meter where the news truck was parked during the interview, was broken.

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