By Christy Strawser, digital director

DETROIT (CBS Detroit) As time passes, the details seem to become even murkier about the Malaysian plane, Flight 370, that seemed to disappear into thin air.

Did it crash? Was it hijacked and landed somewhere? Were the passengers killed? Are they being held for some purpose? Will we see this plane again?

The latest media reports on Tuesday say the path diversion the plane suddenly took was done manually through a computer in the cockpit — more evidence that whatever happened was intentional.

But Kristy Robinett already knew that. The renowned psychic and author, who lives and works in Plymouth, Mich., thinks she knows what happened.

“I do believe that the plane was hijacked by several onboard (more than three, along with one master mind who was not on board),” she told CBS Detroit in an email Tuesday.

Robinett cushioned the information by saying “nothing is absolute. Not all psychics or mediums have the same “strength” to their abilities. Thus one may “see” something others may miss. And then there is the impressions we receive that must then be interpreted by the said seer.”

She added with this case, “all I have is the visions that I have received with no specific coordinates.”

But with those “flashes,” this is what she believes:

  • It was planned for over a year.
  • I wasn’t a suicide mission.
  • I believe they had a location set up to land.
  • There was communication on the ground with a team/fleet of people.
  • I have felt the location having a mountain region, along with a jungle feeling and may be near a small Island by Madagascar.
  • There are hidden *underground* areas.
  • I saw tables with smartphones/cell phones, open wallets, passports.
  • It was hot and humid and there is crystal clear water/ocean nearby.
  • I do believe that the government knows more than what we are being told. This could be a good thing, however.
  • I also believe that several governments have a good idea where this plane is and are keeping the public busy with speculations as they take care of deeper issues connected with this.

She added: “My heart goes out to the families who are left waiting.”

Similarly, psychic Tammy Schuster, who lives, works and hosts a radio show in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, says she knew from the first reports that this was a deliberate act.

She said many have posted about it on her Facebook timeline and each time she has responded the same way — “LONG before they announced that the communications systems had been shut off,” she adds.

“They kept focusing on the false passports and I kept saying, ‘No, look for someone with mechanical knowledge, and that this was not a natural disaster, but the result of someone taking control,” she wrote in an email.

“Finally, they are moving in the right direction,” she said, adding “Someone in power, someone had/has knowledge of this who was NOT on the plane.”

So, why consult a psychic? While they have been discredited in several high-profile cases — most notably when celebrated psychic Sylvia Browne told kidnapped Amanda Berry’s mother during a TV show that her daughter was dead — psychics have also been consulted by police for decades. It’s happened most notably in the case of Noreen Renier, who started lecturing in 1981 at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va, and says she has now worked on over 500 unsolved cases with city, county, and state law enforcement agencies in “38 states of the U.S. and six foreign countries.”

Renier was heralded by FBI profiler Robert Ressler, the man who created the concept of psychologically profiling repeat offenders in the 1970s, and creating the term “serial killer.” Ressler credited Renier with predicting the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan during one of her lectures.

In Sylvia Brown’s case, after Berry was found alive, she released a statement saying she was “grateful and relieved to be mistaken.”

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