DEARBORN (WWJ) — The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s College of Engineering and Computer Science will begin offering a bachelor of science engineering degree in robotics engineering this fall. UM-Dearborn will become only the nation’s fifth undergraduate robotics engineering program.

“The field of robotics engineering is booming. It promises to be the next growing frontier for engineers,” said Yi Lu Murphey, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “Our B.S.E. in robotics engineering will give students the hands-on experience they need for a broad range of career options, including the development of startup companies in robotics engineering and the growing robotics industry in southeast Michigan and throughout the nation.”

That growth will include robotics staples like manufacturing — including autonomous cars — and military applications. And as robots become smaller, smarter and mobile, experts expect growth in other fields — education, security, home entertainment, and human assistance, particularly in health care fields.

“The potential of robotics in heath care is tremendous and may help reduce the looming costs of providing high-quality medical care to an aging population,” Murphey said.

The field is multidisciplinary in nature. Students will take classes in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering and systems engineering.

The comprehensive mix of disciplines is one reason student Ken Yesh is drawn to the program.

“I’m interested in mechanical and electrical engineering,” said Yesh, who now plans to graduate with dual degrees in electrical and robotics engineering. “I just want to create things and make life easier for people.”

Students will be encouraged to gain hands-on experience throughout their college careers. They have the option to join the Intelligent Systems Club as early as their freshman year and can participate in the College of Engineering and Computer Science co-op program to gain hands-on industry experience.

For more information about the degree program please contact Murphey at, or visit


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